Joe will fight for policies that give working families better schools, more job opportunities, and a tax structure that makes massive corporations pay their fair share.



Joe believes legislators shouldn’t play petty politics when it comes to the education of PA's youth. The core of Joe’s education platform centers around:

  • Fair funding of public schools, regardless of the socioeconomic status of those living in a given school district
  • Greater accountability for charter schools and reforms to charter lottery systems
  • A new model to replace the Philadelphia School Reform Commission


Joe supports commonsense solutions to curb gun violence. These changes would help to keep guns out of the wrong hands and make our neighborhoods safer.

Joe’s legislative approach to reducing gun violence across the state includes:

  • Background checks for all gun sales
  • Closing the so-called “gun show loophole”
  • A ban on the purchase of assault weapons, including the AR-15
  • Increased funding for mental health services


Joe comes from a union family - his sister is a deputy regional field organizer for SEIU, his mother was a member of AFSCME local 1739 and his father was a member of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. Joe has seen what it means to have to fight for the right to fair pay.  Joe’s legislative priorities for labor include:

  • Protecting unions from right to work legislation and paycheck protection legislation.
  • Rolling back 2012 changes to laws that have hurt trade unions
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 and then indexing it to inflation
  • Protecting the earned pensions of state and municipal employees


Governor Tom Wolf’s promise to levy a severance tax on the oil and gas drilling industry in remains one of Pennsylvania’s best opportunities to generate much needed revenue, and guarantee that there are funds available to mediate the environmental impact  of fracking.

Joe Hohenstein’s environmental platform focuses on:

  • Levying a severance tax on gas drillers
  • Addressing the heavy metal contamination in the neighborhoods of the 177th
  • Restoring and protecting our district’s waterways while increasing access to this valuable natural resource by residents


As Republicans in the Pennsylvania Legislature continue to push their party further to the right, it is becoming more and more apparent that the health and livelihood of women are not priorities for our state’s GOP.  Joe Hohenstein will work to back policies that give women access to the resources they need to stay healthy and also reduce socioeconomic inequality against women.  

Joe’s platform focuses on:

  • Ensuring women have access to a full range of reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortions, birth control and emergency contraceptives

  • Funding Planned Parenthood adequately so they can continue to provide these services inexpensively,

  • Supporting legislation to allow women to close the income gap and achieve equal pay

  • Backing legislation that will help to end violence against women and supporting the creation of a culture of belief of victims of violence and harassment



Joe believes that it’s time to restore the legislative voice of the 177th district to its people, to lead in a manner that reflects the values of the community, and to get back to common sense solutions for the issues and crises we face everyday.

Joe’s platform focuses on:

  • Providing excellent constituent services to our neighborhoods

  • Ensuring that all Pennsylvanians have access to healthcare



Our neighbors throughout the 177th district deal every day with the disruption and dangers wrought by the opioid crisis. The area of the district around Lehigh Avenue in particular is facing a daily dilemma created by a policy failure from the City of Philadelphia’s ‘clean up’ of the heroin camps on the Conrail railroad bed in mid-2017. The action failed because it did not provide a full wrap around solution to the problem. It pushed the people suffering from heroin and opioid addiction from the railroad into the streets of Fishtown, Olde Richmond and Port Richmond. 

If we learned anything from the Conrail scenario, it’s that pushing those who live in heroin camps out onto the streets without a long-term plan to reintegrate them into society results in more extensive problems for the surrounding neighborhoods. Joe pledges to not make this mistake, and will work with local civic groups, the Mayor’s office and city council, and recovery nonprofits to create a plan instead of forcing those suffering from heroin addiction into our neighborhoods.

Joe believes that a comprehensive solution is required: one that takes into account the law enforcement and public health challenges of the problem, and focuses on safety for everyone. Joe does not support establishing safe injection sites, but rather believes we need to put energy into common sense actions with proven track records of making the entire community safer.




Joe recognizes that the 177th state house district has been heavily gerrymandered for many years to ensure that one district in overwhelmingly Democratic Philadelphia sends a Republican to Harrisburg. Joe advocates for taking the redistricting function out of the hands of incumbent politicians who have a self-interest in choosing their own voters, and placing it in the hands of a nonpartisan commission.

  • Joe endorses Fair Districts PA’s plan for a nonpartisan commission in charge of coming up with districts

  • Joe supports SB22 and HB722 establishing the above referenced nonpartisan commission  
  • Joe will bring integrity to Harrisburg and advocate for legislation that benefits people, not politicians